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Due to the Coronavirus our private beaches have been restricted to property owners only, this is to reduce overcrowding. There are public beaches for your enjoyment like Sand Harbor and Kings Beach State Recreational Area.

Most pools and hot tubs are also closed due to COVID 19.

Minimized Contact between Our Team Members and Our Guests

  • Keyless Entry and Direct Check-in – Most of our homes offer keyless entry and remote check-ins, so you don’t have to come to an office. We do require checking identification upon arrival, but that can be accomplished via social distancing without touch.
  • Maintenance – In order to protect our team and our guests, we will refrain from entering homes except for emergencies. Routine maintenance or repairs will be deferred until after check-out unless there is the potential to bring harm to a person or damage to the property if not addressed immediately.

Commitment to Cleanliness

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – Our housekeepers are very thorough in how they clean and prepare our homes.
  • Bedding – All of our linens are laundered pre-arrival. Upon every departure, linens are stripped from all beds, professionally laundered, and beds are re-made with fresh linens.
  • Towels – Our towels are also professionally laundered and one set of bath, hand and washcloth is available per guest.
  • Cleaning Products – Our housekeeping team utilizes high-quality cleaning chemicals to properly clean and then sanitize high-touch areas using disinfectants.